About Our Company

About Our Company

AmFuels International, Inc. provides high-level expertise in international business development, channel development, distribution, supply chain strategies and marketing of various petroleum and Ethanol/bio based products, and green engine technologies. Our vision is to be a premier supplier of a broad range of energy related products and services to a diverse range of customer; governments and the private sector.

Who We Are

We are a Florida registered minority and veteran owned small business, headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia.
AmFuels was initially a government contracting corporation specializing in the petroleum product supply chain in support of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) EMEA footprint.
Over the years, we have developed relationships with major petroleum refineries across Europe, the Middle East, and the US, and understands the required processes and procedures necessary to successfully bid on US government solicitations, leading to numerous contracts awarded.
With the support of our strategic partners, our footprint includes Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA), and North, South, and Central America.
More recent, AmFuels has expanded into various commercial markets, combining military and government with experience gained from working in various commercial industries.
Our portfolio of products and services compliment both the government and private sectors.

What We Offer

Advising and consulting services for fuel operations, supply/logistics, and fuel management systems in distressed environments
Advising and consulting services for all business operations particularly in distressed and developing regions
Risk Assessments for businesses attempting to conduct business in all operational environments
Logistics consulting in developing environments
We supply fuels; fuel supply storage solutions; combined heating and power; vehicles, heavy equipment, and construction equipment
Custom software development and consulting services
Strong relationships with DLA
Thorough understanding of various regulations (FAR), bidding process and overall approach to doing business with DLA
Experienced Government Contracting team

We Are Registered With

United States Department of Defense (DoD)
Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
System for Award Management (SAM)
United States Department of Commerce
Small Business Administration (SBA)
United States State Department
United States Veterans Administration
Dun and Bradstreet
Bundesrepublik Deutschland Bundeswehr
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Years of Experience

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About AmFuels

AmFuels Intl, Inc. began in February 2012 as a Miami, Florida registered S-Corporation headquartered in Berlin, Germany. AmFuels Intl, Inc. is an American corporation operating internationally as a government contractor (initial core business) to source fuels in support of US and NATO troop currently on active duty and those who have already returned from combat related duty.
The idea of AmFuels Intl, Inc. came about after the founder Stephen J Wyatt saw several news reports of returning US troops struggling to find employment and it reminded him of his uncle’s struggles after returning from the Vietnam War.
Working with the Small Business Administration, Miami, Florida, he realized by leveraging contacts he’d made in the oil and gas industry, he could form a corporation to support the Defense Logistic Agency’s (DLA) efforts to secure a reliable supply of petroleum based fuels needed by our troops across the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region and overtime, provide jobs to unemployed or under employed service members returning from active duty.
"As a former US Marine, I believe the skills and discipline learned in various Military Occupational Specialty’s (MOS) can easily be transferred to the corporate sector", said Stephen.
As a result of this approach, tactical, strategic as well as day to day operational decisions are made by former US Marines.

Currently, AmFuels covers the following regions:

Since 2012, AmFuels has operated in over 15 countries and have won over 75 contracts for DLA.

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