What Is Micro CHP (mCHP)?

Micro CHP (Combined Heat & Power) is the simultaneous production of heat and power within the residence (home, apartment, etc...). It works very much like the gas boiler in a central heating system and heats the home in just the same way. However, at the same time it generates electricity, some of which you will be use in the residence; the remainder is exported to the grid to be used by others.

mCHPs are very efficient. Very little is lost during the transmission of gas to steam and power; and they can produce energy twice as efficiently as older coal-burning electric utilities.

In general, natural gas is consumed in an engine to drive a generator which provides electricity; the cooling water from the engine is used to generate heating. A total of around 70-80% of the energy value of the gas is converted into heat, which is used for space heating and hot water production as in a normal central heating system. Between 10-25% is converted into electricity, and the remainder (5-15%) is lost in the flue gases.

What Are We Striving To Achieve?

AmFuels wants to fill a gap in the current CHP market by creating a 3kW micro-Combined Heating & Power/Cooling (mCHP) unit small enough to deploy and run in a household / small business / office environment at an affordable price.

The mCHP We Are Developing Can Be Described As:

  • A Fuel Cell mCHP operating on natural gas
  • 3kW Residential FC mCHP
  • Integrated with a smart grid ecosystem
  • mCHP units managed by Control Unit and end-user applications
  • Overall net efficiency at 90-95%