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Reputable Oil and Gas Marketing Solutions Provider


Founded in 2012, AmFuels Intl, Inc. is a privately held, oil and gas market service company, providing petroleum fuel products to the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency, (DLA) for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

In 2017, we transferred the business model perfected in the U.S. domestic market to the international commercial market.  We primarily operate in Europe, Africa, Asia with offices in Tallinn, Estonia, Washington D.C., and Miami, FL. Our partners include national oil companies, international oil companies, governments and industry.

Stephen Wyatt, the founder of AmFuels Intl, Inc. , has lived and worked in Europe for over 18 years and conducted business for DLA in western, central and east Africa with the last 6 years focused on the oil and gas industry.  Our executive board is comprised of Americans, Africans, and Europeans who possess over 150 years of combined business and government experience in the United Sates, Africa, Europe and Asia.



AmFuels Intl, Inc. is a marketing services company that provides high-level expertise for end-users and producers in the distribution and supply chain of light sweet crude, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), refined fuel products, such as benzene, diesel, Jet A-1, Naval Fuel Distillate and green engine technologies.  Our commercial model provides the right crude, LNG and refined products (based on product spec, quantity, price and transportation) to various end users in Europe and in turn, we supply refined petroleum products to various African countries for their domestic consumption.

We first establish long-term and accountable relationships between a buyer and seller. We then provide a clear pathway for exceptionally efficient and transparent transaction, completely free of suspicions, fraud and mistrust.

What the seller wants is to get paid and what the buyer wants is to get the cargo delivered.

To that end, we ensure the petroleum products meet the technical specification and quantity and arrange for the transportation and delivery to the specified location on the date(s) required. With our government and commercial contacts and understanding the unique challenges of doing business across numerous cultures, we can match supply to demand with speed, competence and dependability.

We have been awarded ~ 150 contracts to date.


Chief Executive Officer

Stephen J Wyatt, CEO & CFO (Former US Marine, Fortune 500 Corporate Director)


Steve grew up in Louisiana near two military installations, England Air Force Base, Alexandria, LA and Fort Polk, Leesville, LA. At an early age, he joined the Air Force JROTC program and rose to the rank of Cadet Captain. He also became a member of Civil Air Patrol where he learned to fly Cessna and Piper aircraft.

His further interest in aviation and aerospace was developed after visiting NASA, Houston, TX. That visit lead to him developing an expertise in building and launching model rockets and piloting model airplanes.

In his early 20s, he joined the United States Marine Corps, and served his basic training at MCRD, San Diego, CA. After completing and graduating top of his class at the Military Police and Correction school, Fort McClellan, Anniston, AL, he was assigned as a Correction Guard, MCDEC, Quantico, VA.

During his time at Quantico, Steve participated in the inauguration of President Ronald Reagan, housed several very high profile inmates to include John Hinckley, Jr., and further his expertise as a Corrections Officer by completing numerous law enforcement & weapons courses at the FBI Academy, Quantico, VA.

After leaving the military, Steve joined Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company, Manassas, VA, where he won numerous sales awards to include the President’s Club (3 times) and was one of the top sales professional for Mutual of Omaha; at one time he was number 4 in the United States, Canada, Panama and Puerto Rico.

Steve went on to become a sales professional for AT&T, Reston, VA; thus beginning his telecommunication sales career and leading to the position of Global Director for Lucent Technologies and AVAYA. After leading his US sales team, he was assigned to head up Lucent Technologies and AVAYA’s CRM practice across EMEA and APAC; based in Budapest, Hungary and encompassing over 30 countries. Steve’s efforts, along with his team, lead to a $120 million global contract for a very high profile corporate client.

His next assignment was as a Global Sales Manager for Analysys Consulting, Cambridge, UK, where he was instrumental in working with over 60 governments at the Minister of Telecommunications level; this lead to representing the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) while heading up a project to rebuild the telecommunication infrastructure for the Republic of Lebanon (project value $550 million), assisting the Vietnamese Army "equitize" its network and meet requirements for membership into the World Trade Organization (WTO), and consulted with the governments of Brazil, Argentina, Croatia, Romania, Belgium, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa and others on telecom related issues. Also, he participated in a trade mission to Japan and Korea on behalf of the British government.

Steve left the UK for an assignment in Berlin, Germany with a German telecom company. Shortly after arriving to Berlin, he realized his interest in telecommunications had shifted and became interested in environmental issues. Witnessing so much environmental devastation while travelling to developing countries, he felt he had to do something.

Over time, he decided to learn as much as he could about the fossil fuels and alternative energy industries and became a Sales Manager for the largest Energy Trading & Risk Management (ETRM) / Commodity Trading & Risk Management (CTRM) software house.

He left initially to focus on Ethanol based products and run his own business. Market research indicated he should initially focus on supporting DLA as it migrates from fossil fuels to Ethanol and be in position to support the migration in EMEA.

Steve holds a Bachelor degree in Information Systems Engineering and Marketing from George Mason University, and graduate business studies from Columbia University and Harvard Business School.

Summary of the company’s history


AmFuels™ Intl., Inc. was founded in Berlin, Germany to operate as a contractor for the United States Department of Defense. In 2018, the focus has shifted to operate primarily on commercial business.


February 2012 - AmFuels™ Intl., Inc. is launched in Berlin, Germany as a Miami, FL registered S-Corporation.

July 2012 - AmFuels™ Intl., Inc. is awarded the contract for Operation Jackal Stone, Croatia

September 2012 - AmFuels™ Intl., Inc. is awarded its first multiyear (5 years) multi-million Euro contract, PC&S location in Western Europe.

November 2012 - AmFuels™ Europe GmbH, a German registered corporation, was launched in Berlin, Germany.

July 2013 - AmFuels™ Power Solutions Corporation was launched in Berlin, Germany as a Miami, FL registered S-Corporation.

October 2013 - AmFuels Intl., Inc.added air lift fuel delivery capability to USAFRICOM JPO.

April 2015 - AmFuels™ Malta LTD. A Maltese registered corporation was launched in Malta.

June 2015 - AmFuelsIntl., Inc.expands into South America, providing fuel to US troops in Peru.

June 2016 - AmFuels™ Baltics OÜ an Estonian registered Corporation, was launched in Tallinn, Estonia.

October 2016 - AmFuels™ moves it's  Global Corporate HQ to Tallinn, Estonia.

November 2016 - AmFuels™ becomes a Trade Marked brand.

November 2016 - The AmFuels™ Group is created consolidating multiple global corporations into two (2) entities.

November 2016 - AmFuels™ received a Certificate of Registration, European Union Trade Mark.